Where Is Your Heart Today?

What's your plan to flourish this week?

I love this quote by Simon Sinek, "Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion." 

This weekend some of us celebrated Valentine’s Day. You could say it is a holiday of love—heart shaped cards, gifts and candy are everywhere! Whether it is roses or diamonds or a simple walk in the park holding hands with the one you love, have you ever noticed how love makes the heart come alive? Thoughtful gestures and kind words are expressions of connection. Of course, we don’t need a holiday to be considerate but it is remarkable how acts of kindness can make your step a little lighter and fill you with hope and confidence. What is truly amazing is that it’s not just the pleasure we feel from receiving that gives us a surge of joy. It can also be the pleasure of giving to another that truly empowers.

If we translate that into our everyday work life, we can help create a flourishing world for ourselves and the people around us every day. I think as human beings we excel when we feel valued and confident in our ability to make a positive difference. Stopping from busyness to make small investments of kindness can create the kind of passion where we thrive. When was the last time you said thank you to the receptionist in the office for being there faithfully every day or mentioned what an excellent job someone on your sales team is doing? Or sent a handwritten note to your customer to thank them for the business relationship you share? It’s no secret that giving produces a return, especially when giving is a lifestyle. 

So where is your heart today? Are you stressed or passionate?

Here are 5 simple ways to create a more passionate and productive environment. (#3 has turned some of my clients into lifelong friends).

  1. Take 5 minutes and write a handwritten thank you note with a $10 Starbucks card to your most helpful employee. You know the one. They may not be the top scorer today but they are always on time and ready to roll. They could be the one to make your next touchdown account. 
  2. Who are your top 10 clients? Help them succeed by raising their reputation in their circle of influence. How about a social media mention or a rocking five-star review? Accolades are amazing relationship boosters. 
  3. Passion is catching. Ask the clients you visit or talk to this week what really energizes them or if they have goals they are excited about—then REALLY listen. You will find common interests that will open doors of opportunity you never knew existed and that can last for years.
  4. Bring a simple gift. NOT another pen with your business name on it. Take your heart out of autopilot and bring an item that might express their value to you or the field they are in.
  5. Personally introduce your client to someone who needs their services. Taking the time to create a warm introduction over coffee or lunch will do wonders for a business relationship. 

Remember, busyness is not the same thing as being productive. Help yourself flourish this week by pausing to give. You will create a passion that helps you and your business thrive.

Lynn McCartney-White

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