7 ways to journey back from burn-out and stay energized. 

How to fix "baditude"

Being in charge of your own day as a new business owner or entrepreneur can be pretty exciting! Monday has become your favorite day. Things start moving forward and growth is happening. You are making your own money and it feels fabulous.

It can also be overwhelming. 

As growth takes place you are now handling clients, funding payroll and dealing with employees. The pressure is on and the buck stops right there on your shoulders. You’re putting in the hours and working hard to provide a great service or product and it’s pretty damn exciting—until it’s not. Then it happens…you wake up on Monday and you don’t feel like getting out of bed. In fact, you don’t. 

Seems a bit crazy, right? You might not be able to imagine feeling that intense but I see it more often than you might think. 

You’ve got it. 
Diagnosis = BADITUDE

Your energy has gone missing under the black cloud of burn out. Even though you may have fulfilled every task possible to deliver as a business owner, for some reason you feel lost and inadequate. Warning! This kind of power breakdown is a catalyst for setback. We invest so much of our heart and soul into our business, setback is one piece of pie I for one, am not easily going to bite into. So, let’s stop right now and do a check in…If you are showing these symptoms it is a good indicator that you are not using one of the most powerful tools known to successful business people—Self Investment. Thankfully there are ways to fix this type of burn out. There are also ways to prevent it.  Now I’m not your doctor, honey, but this is good medicine.

Here are 7 ways to journey back. Use these tools regularly and you can sustain the quality in your life even when things around you get demanding.

1.    Put yourself into the calendar. We can be so adept at making appointments and filling our lives with important things to do. What’s difficult for us sometimes is believing we are important enough to plan for reset. I am talking about the things you do for pleasure; to quiet the noise of demand. Open your calendar right now and take an inventory on the scheduled time you have for recharge activity. If your calendar is full but you don’t see any fill up time for you that is a recipe for disaster. What things help you refresh? Do them.

2.    Find your tribe and snuggle in. Hanging out with people who are on a similar path will help you grow. Being an entrepreneur or business owner is complicated already with small margins for error that can have a huge impact on your personal life. It’s not necessary to start from scratch or crash and burn when you have a like-minded community to glean wisdom and ideas from. And sometimes share your pain and frustration. Seriously this helps.

3.    Train yourself in what I call “The Pause”. You can avoid being dominated by the urgent things by simply pausing and taking a moment to decide the importance. You know there are days when everything seems top priority and needs to be solved NOW. Pause before you act. Unless someone’s pants are literally on fire, almost everything can wait. This gives you freedom to delegate or create a more productive solution.

4.    Learn to focus on being effective not just efficient. A lot of energy and steps can be used to go nowhere.  We can feel like we are working really hard but where the heck are we going? Picture the hamster on the wheel here. Ask yourself what is really be accomplished. Make sure chosen activities are moving your company toward the established goals.

5.    Practice generosity. Make it a habit and weave it into your business activities. Watch the giving dynamic create a magnetic culture that is full of energy. If you have a focus to give and lift others the negative aspects of business will not drain your energy as much. It’s an oxymoron but generous people can be the most full and satisfied. So, use it in your marketing program by giving your attention to customers. Use it on your employees by seeing and acknowledging their wins. Put it into your family activities by spending time doing what they want to do. Splash it around—on purpose—and you will see a return on investment you might not have imagined.

6.    Practice “late Mondays” on purpose. This is so fun and can be VERY energizing for you and for your employees. Putting a simple 30-minute break in the calendar every so often will do wonders for staff morale. Psst—and that gives you an extra half an hour to enjoy the donuts and coffee alone. Ha!

7.    Plan ahead for busy seasons. We all have periods in business that are more pressing. Be proactive and create a plan for reset during those times. We forecast our financials so that we aren’t low on cash flow. Why not prepare for time to breathe to save power for the things that are necessary. During peak periods they may be more like small bites but establishing value in your own eyes that way will definitely increase productivity. 

Running in survival mode will not help you and it is a sure-fire way to drain your life of satisfaction and the creative energy needed to move forward. Stop baditude before it happens. Plan ahead. Invest your time and thought into the most valuable asset you possess--yourself.  

Lynn McCartney-WhiteComment