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There are many shapes that a "business consultant" takes on.  For example, there are corporate consultants who take on training large teams and high level executives. There are also __?___types that work with business owners on an authentic, real life level. We are the latter. We hope to journey with you starting where you are right now.


The five primary areas in a business

  • A service or a product (well…there’s more to that but we’ll talk about that later)
  • Attracting customers
  • Closing deals
  • Delivering what you promised
  • Keeping financially healthy

These are the basics of business. They are interdependent and necessary.

Let me tell you a story.

John was raised by a contractor dad. He loved spending time hanging out in the garage after school and building stuff. His dad knew how to make anything! John wasn't too enthused with school, but he was great at handyman chores around the house and helped the neighbors to earn extra cash. He decided when he was young that he would be a contractor, just like his dad. 

After graduating from high school and getting his contractor’s license, neighbors and friends referred him for jobs. It was just like he planned. 

now comes the hard part

After completing a few jobs, he found it hard to collect the payments due him. When he did collect, there wasn’t much left for John after paying his subcontractors and his employee. With every job he was getting more in debt. On top of that, he felt he had to lower prices to stay competitive and make the sale. During jobs he had to figure out how to answer questions and manage the schedules. Things got increasingly difficult but at least he was making a living, right?


Stress was his new companion. He asked his friends and associates about marketing and how to price jobs and handle managing business. It all seemed so out of reach.  Which programs would work and where do you get the funds to pay for them? How can I hire someone to help when I can’t even pay myself?



Our Commitment to your success

I believe there are positive outcomes from a consulting relationship that helps you to create the life and business you