Happy Endings Can Have Rough Beginnings.


Owning a business is a great place to learn defeat as well as conquering it.

As a business owner and mother of a large family, I had dreams of family time and financial freedom. But steadily it became a place of intense stress and financial need.  Every moment of my time was invested into my work life. Instead of enjoying freedom, I was enslaved to funding the next payroll. I was driven by each new fire that needed to be put out and burdened with the weight of the results but with little ability to fix it. I was desperate to find answers! 

Thankfully, I found answers and for the last 10+ years I have been sorting through and conquering these problems. I have helped others realize and build their potential both in business and personally. Through a process of personal value-finding, prioritizing and actionable steps they have come to excel. Not just in business. Not just personally. But finding a balance that makes one feel satisfied with where they are and yet able to see and achieve the next level of growth.

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